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a film by Alex Kayode-Kay


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behind the scenes

A look at the process behind the making of The Ballad Of Olive Morris, including behind the scenes photos of the film from rehearsals, production and post-production. We hope to give an insight into the work and craftsmanship that goes into making a short film, with looks at how different departments (production design, hair & make-up, stunts, cinematography and costume) come together as a unit to create movie magic!

the history

Who is Olive Morris? Why does she matter and what did she achieve? And how did the genesis and evolution for The Ballad Of Olive Morris come to be, from conception to funding. In this section, we cover the history of Olive Morris, but also the history of the short film that bears her name.


the team

It takes a village to make any film & The Ballad Of Olive Morris was no different. From pre-production to post production, here is the team behind the film, produced by Fatoedo Productions.

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